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Lemala Nanyukie

Updated: May 20, 2019

Imagine sitting in the tub watching elephants walk by.

Glamping on the Serengeti with two sinks, a tub, and two showers. An over sized king size bed and a sitting room with desk, lounge bed, a stocked refrigerator, and a little soaking pool on the deck. All with unobstructed views of the plain. My home for not long enough!

The road to Lamala Nanyuki was barely visible. Pieces of pink florescent tape clung to a few bushes and trees to mark the way. We crossed a flowing creek, that days later was even deeper after the 'little rains'. They were building a bridge over the creek but it wasn't finished. This was the second week Nanyuki was open so we expected a few hiccups.

We came around a granite outcropping and there were the main buildings. A hearty welcome by the mangers, and a cool fruit drink and a cool, eucalyptus fragrant facecloth wiped some of the dust from our throats and faces. After our eight hour drive from the Ngorogoro on very dusty 'roads' they were both welcome.

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